ACT NOW: The Time for Social Media is the Present

Are you wary of social media? Put your mind at ease because social media is nothing more than a modern version of word-of-mouth marketing, and a tool to protect your image and reputation online. So, whether you feel ready or not, the time has come to embrace what the digital world has to offer. Once you understand the two primary benefits of social media, you might be surprised to discover how your products, services, brands, company and CEO can benefit from this powerful medium.

Benefit #1 – Managing a CEO’s, Company’s or Brand’s Image

Google, Yahoo and MSN rank social media as highly relevant and important. It is no wonder when you put my name, Chris Rosica, into a Google search you’ll find Linked In and Facebook (two social networking/social media sites), a blog I write for ERA (blogs are another form of social media), and my Twitter account (Twitter is a micro or mini blog, again social media). This demonstrates how social media is used to bolster your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and manage what is being said about a CEO, brand or company.

We often create individual profiles that are professional and credible for executives and company principals.  This can help manage online content regarding his/her name and ensure the right image is portrayed.  Similarly, company and brand profiles and Facebook Fan Pages can be employed to manage the online conversation regarding the corporate entity.

 Benefit #2 – You’ll Sell More Product

There is no disputing that Search Engine Optimization is one of the most underutilized tools in the direct response space.  It is curious given that SEO, aided by social media, can not only protect reputations but also get product information atop the search engines without paying for key words (e.g., Google Ad Words). This can be for phrases that relate to brands and company searches and for general product descriptions, such as “ab workouts.” This visibility from SEO can measurably convert visitors into orders or sales.

Consider social media as a means to protect your online reputation and support your SEO efforts.  The evidence is clear and Google places too much emphasis on these outlets to ignore this powerful channel.