Category: Public Relations

5 Ways Social Media Helps Promote Good Health

Alex Howard presents another way social media is incredibly influential: its capacity to promote good health. Social media allows patients to look up information on diseases, speak with others with the same illness, and even ask questions to online doctors.…

Catching Consumers with Mobile Messages

After a recent survey to cell phone users, 28% of respondents claimed they would be some-what willing to receive text messages on merchant sales, new products, etc. This 28% of anticipated cooperation to the texts is enticing to marketers, who…

Broadcasters Ask FCC to Loosen Up

Katy Bachman takes the side of broadcasters and argues for a reduction of media ownership rules. These changes will help broadcasters compete more adequately in the digital world by doing away with newspaper-broadcast and radio-TV cross-ownership. Read the article here.

Nontraditional Firms Can Lead Way to Better Pricing Structures

A must read article by Bill Boris- Schacter of AdAge. For years agencies have been practicing ‘bad pricing’ methods. Read his insightful approach to how and why agencies should adopt a value- based pricing strategy. Read the article here.

Council to Counter Web ‘Content Mills’?

Mike Shields of AdWeek comments on the fear of diminishing content quality of internet articles, due to the growing popularity of content syndicators. See how publishers are adjusting. Read the article here.